You've left for the winter...

You can rely on Kenny!
32 years experience as a general contractor
Cover Feature in Maine Home Magazine October 2012
18 years residing in Maine
10 years on the Board of Directors of Waterfall Arts

I am happy to provide caretaking services for your home. What do you get? For $240.00 a month you can trust me to check your home twice a week. For $120.00 a month I'll only check once per week. (Reccomended only if water lines are drained) If there's a problem, and after consulting with you, I'll take care of every detail and follow through with every service as if you were doing it yourself.

NO MORE WORRIES. I'll be on top of every problem that may arise:

  • I'm Liabilty Insured
  • Furnace and temperature control problems
  • Propane
  • Plumbing and electrical issues
  • Snow and ice dam removal
  • Pest control
  • Any other problem that would compromise your home
  • Rest assured that when services are needed, and I can't fix it myself, I'll use my trades' people, or yours.

  • "I'll protect your home as if it were mine. You can count on it." - Kenny Cole

    References from my clientele list happily provided.

    Your peace of mind for only $240.00 per month!

    Choose how many months?

    Your peace of mind for only $120.00 per month! (Reccomended only if water lines are drained)

    Choose how many months:

    For free estimates and carpentry related advice feel free to contact me, Kenny Cole
    Email: | Phone: 207 322-5243
    Snail mail: 41 West Main Street | Monroe, Maine 04951